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Healing the Healer

You care for your patients. Who takes care of you?

We do. Mindfulness-informed therapy groups for healthcare professionals.

Working in healthcare can be a wonderful opportunity to help others, but it can just as easily leave us feeling like it isn't what we signed up for. Anxiety, imposter syndrome, burdensome demands, second-victim trauma, and other pitfalls can all culminate in burnout.


Over the course of six weeks, you will meet with like-minded healthcare providers under the guidance of professionals experienced in psychotherapy and mindfulness. You will lay the groundwork for wellness through training in meditation and emotional fitness. And you will give and receive mutual support in a confidential environment.

Limited spots available for session beginning Fall, 2024!


Facilitated by Chris Klein, PhD, and Eric Kort, MD.

Chris Klein is an experienced, PhD trained psychotherapist. He specializes in helping clients identify patterns in thought, behavior, and relationships that lead to a cycle of anxiety, depression, and disconnection.

Eric Kort is a physician and midlife unraveling survivor who knows burnout and recovery first hand. He is an enthusiastic practitioner and student of mindfulness as a practice, and a way of life.

Six Weeks To Moving Forward With Clarity

Experience a healing environment

Discuss your challenges in a safe space under the guidance of an experienced therapist who will keep our work focused on areas within our control where real healing occurs.

Develop esssential new skills

Each week we will provide brief training sessions in mindfulness, goal definition, and reality testing to equip you to experience life with clarity and authenticity.

Meet like-minded individuals

The people you will meet and work with are facing many of the same challenges you are facing, in similar contexts. But each participant will also bring fresh, unique perspectives.

Sign me up!

Sign up below, risk free. The six week program costs just $75 per week, billed following each session. No credit card is required to sign up. If you are not 100% excited about the progress you make, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Have questions? Just send us an email at

Thank you! We will be in touch within 48 hours with more info!

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