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Let's get real.

If you would like to chat to see if working together might facilitate your transformation, schedule a call today.

Meditation as I know it is a dress rehearsal for the rest of the day — learning to attend to the true nature of reality under ideal circumstances so that I can keep attending to it under the more demanding circumstances that arise once I stand up.


Mindfulness should not paper over the cracks. It should shatter the illusion that the realm of thoughts is real, that my conception of “self” is real. Mindfulness should bring us face to face with the vast beauty that is conscious existence in the present moment. This form of mindfulness has deep roots in "non-duality", advaita vedanta, and the Dzogchen buddhist traditions. But in its modern incarnation, I refer to it as "metacognition".


I can help you discover the transformational power of mindfulness and apply it you your own circumstances to bring peace and serenity to whatever arises each day.

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